Sexy brunette Arlene in black pantyhose

I couldnâ??t believe my eyes when I saw Arlene wearing those sexy black stretched pants. Dressed in black from head to toe, she was a real female dominant, not accepting any refuse from me. I acted as a slave in order to obey my bad goddess who made me kneel in front of her, kissing and caressing her feet in soft black pantyhose. Her perfect long legs were so exciting in the perfectly snugged shining leggings. She made me lick her legs, feeling the fine texture and the sexy strings under my tongue. I felt like she was a rare delicacy under my hands and mouth and I couldnâ??t get enough sniffing the warm aroma of her toes. She ordered me to stop licking her soles because she wanted to see my cock getting harder when touching her feet. It was such a great excitement for me that my sperm busted on her black pantyhose.

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