Amazing Lea in nude pantyhose

I am surprised to see Lea at my door without talking on the phone first. She is neatly dressed exactly as she dresses when going to the office. Lea is a tall and slender and in this black and white dress she looks perfect. Her dark long straight hair is beautifully combed-out.
Looking at her perfectly shaped legs Iâ??m so impressed that I stand still and I stare for a moment. She is talking about something while I admire her, but I donâ??t really understand because my eyes are on her black high heels shoes.
– You are so naughty! You donâ??t pay attention to what I am saying!
– Sorry, but you look absolutely astonishing! I canâ??t pay attention to anything but your body!
Lea is smiling, her beautiful warm smile, and sitting on the chair swings her sexy shoes tempting me. Looking into my eyes, Lea tells me that she wants me to take off her shoes. I do this, touching her feet and sniffing the elegant shoes. She rubs her feet on each other and Iâ??m so aroused seeing her feet dressed in nude pantyhose that I almost salivate like a puppy in front of a steak. She puts her feet on my lap and my hands are sliding along the perfect legs. My tong licks the soft warm soles and I canâ??t get enough of sucking her sweet toes. Lea lets me do whatever I want and then she rubs gently on my cock.
The pantyhose feel so soft and silky, so very exciting!

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